Photohunt#14 Aftermath

The aftermath of walking around Shanghai for three straight days is hurting feet and worn-out shoes. Consequently, each time I had to sit after a lot of walking, I could feel my feet throbbing. No regrets though.


Leslie said...

Bet you had a great time! That's a good photo of the shoes and tired feet. :)


YTSL said...

Those shoes don't look *that* worn out -- but I'll take your word for it re the tired feet! ;b

Napaboaniya said...

Mention only 3 hours of continuous walking would already cause ache, not to mention 3 days :P
But I'm sure the ache is worthwhile with so many great sights to soak in Shanghai :)

jeniffer said...

ok lang basta nag enjoy ka.. kaw na din nagsabi.. :) sana makapunta din me jan..