Extended Course Term for Nursing and Education Students

Commission on Higher Education ordered that starting June 2009 of this year, Nursing and Education students will now be doing 5 years at school instead of the previous 4 years; other courses will follow suit next school year of 2010.

This is to help improve the quality of nursing and teaching graduates of our schools as well as to be more globally competitive. I do hope that aside from this extended course terms, our education officials and other stakeholders should come up with better solutions to arrest the decline of our educational system. I believe that there is so much more to having extended course term to improve the quality of our graduates. In my opinion, the problem is multi-pronged and would need not only political will but lots of logistics support not only from the government but also from all stakeholders.


OMM said...

i also do hope they would do something with regrads to high tution fees... with another year in school, parents could only hope their money is well-put :)

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