Rainy Days and Australia’s Best Job In the World

It has been raining since yesterday evening and the city is experiencing not only the wet weather but also, one of the coldest so far. Our country’s weather watchers, PAG-ASA, are telling us to brace for more. Lovely. The cold weather worsened my insomnia and I could not help but think of Australia’s offer for the best job in the world.

Just imagine being paid 150,000 Australian dollars (equivalent to 105,000 US dollars) just by lazing around a beautiful tropical island for six months. Joke? Think again. This is for real and you can check out www.islandfreejob.com for the beautiful details.

Hmm..perhaps I should try this job.


jam said...

That is the best job I have ever heard! Count me in!

earthlingorgeous said...

Oh my what kinda job is that? I WANT! Hahahaha! The link didn't work so I wasn't able to check it out. Anyway thanks visiting my blog :) Wanna exchange links?

Mel Alarilla said...

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SearchingWellness said...

Hello sis, I heard the website of this job site crashed due to overload of would-be applicants. :)