Weekend Blog Follower Caravan#25

This is actually my second time to do this caravan but it is the caravan's 25th. So.. anyway, here are the rules for those who might like to join.

This week’s task are the following:
1. Make a blog post with our WBFC Badge to welcome all our participants. Make sure your blog post has links to this week’s sponsors: Techie She and GEORYL: Welcome to Our World.
2. Submit your blog post to our linky tool here. Not your homepage URL.
3. Visit other participating blogs and leave a comment at our fellow participants’ welcome post that you have followed them thru Google Friend Connect.
4. Again, follow all participants thru Google Friend Connect!!
5. Please a leave a comment here if you have done so.

Same rule applies. One blog per blogger per WBFC account. If you have three blogs, you need to triple the effort.


Jackie said...

i am now your follower thru GFC :)

germz said...

followed you by GFC WBFC#25... follow me back here http://travelpremiere.blogspot.com/2011/10/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-25.html

tnx a lot

giay said...

Hi, following you as giay :)

Gene said...

Returning the favor. New follower here.

Rachelle said...

hi! i'm your new GFC follower! :)

Icar said...

Hi there!visiting for WBFC#25

new follower here : Icar

Icar (http://oflimesandlemons.blogspot.com)

wifetoalineman02 said...

followed your GFC(wifetoalineman02) Sis, hope that you can follow me back too


Karren said...

hiyeeeee following through GFC sorry for the late hopping had an emergency check up yesterday.

followed as kha ^_^

reese said...

hello! new GFC follower

Mitchteryosa said...

Followed you!

Contest Lover said...

Followed you already :)

Yannie said...

Following you as Yanni via WBFC


Gaylee said...

just followed you on GFC ;)

Mona said...

New follower here using Mona
Please follow me back thanks.

Theresa Enriquez said...

Hi! An old follower as Thess Enriquez. Here’s my entry for WBFC – http://www.mtgambrocio.com/wbfc-25/.
If you’re interested to win a Blackberry Curve, join Closeup Fire Freeze contest – http://www.mtgambrocio.com/win-a-blackberry-curve-from-closeup-philippines/

JayL Aquino said...

hi! I'm joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan for the first time! ;)

Followed you as: JayL Aquino

and here's the link to my entry: http://www.blog-ph.com/2011/10/weekend-blog-follower-caravan.html

M.O.M. said...

followed u at GFC
hope to see u n my site.

Mommy Rubz said...

Thank you for joining WBFC # 25.

Following as "Mommy Rubz"

Hope you can join again for WBFC #26!

arcee said...

late but following now as rcampomanes :)