Early For Halloween Costume Party

A former officemate came in today wearing an all-black attire, high heel wedge and with a fully made-up face and dark shady eyes. She looked all set for a party and it was only late afternoon when she came in. What completed her attire was she was carrying a scythe. It was a plastic one but it actually completed her early Halloween costume.

She told us that her co-passengers in the jeepney she rode on our way to the office also made fun of her. She said that the driver said she looked scary enough even in broad daylight. Anyway, she brought along with the scythe her godson's Halloween costume. Apparently, the boy was afraid of scary Halloween costumes that her mother and godmother decided to buy him one so he can wear them for the Halloween party that night to enlighten him that those costumes are really unreal and made-up.