No Other Woman

I excitedly waited for the movie, No Other Woman, for weeks. Not for the media hype that it has been getting prior to its showing date but because I really like Derek Ramsay. Dark and handsome, tehehehe! But when I saw the movie, I was surprised that it was really a good one. The movie theater ticket line was full when I got there. Not surprisingly because the movie was being starred by bankable stars, Derek Ramsay, Anne Curtis and Christine Reyes.

Anne Curtis fits the role to a T. Sexy, confident and liberated. Christine Reyes was a revelation as a martyr wife at first and a fierce one fighting for her husband and Derek Ramsay, was one lucky dude to be having such sexy scenes with two of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in Philippine cinema nowadays.

What amused me with No Other Woman was the dialogues between the two women fighting for one lucky guy, the character of Derek Ramsay. Such quotable quotes! For those who want to watch the movie, it's all worth it.