No Holiday On November 2

Time flies really supersonic fast nowadays. My birthday’s just around the corner and nowadays, I keep forgetting my age and birthday more and more until somebody would like to make me feel down and remind me how old I am on this earth. Actually, they just wanted me to remind that they are waiting for their blow-out.

Anyway, it seems it was not too long ago that we made a beeline to the cemetery to visit our dead. Here it is now, just less than a month to go. No wonder, candles are fast disappearing from the store stalls and the flowers I usually buy cheap from the market are starting to get expensive.

November 2 being the actual All Soul’s Day is a Wednesday for this year. But because October 31 on Monday is sandwiched between the weekend and November 1 holiday, Malacanang declared November 2 as non-holiday. Well, it seems that plans for Undas are going to be adjusted. I would prefer to do visit my father and other relatives on the weekend to avoid the throng of visitors in the cemetery.