PhotoHunt#154 Public

Traditionallyl, marrying in the Philippines is a public event. It means, it is always expected that the couple will invite every one from his and her parents and relatives, friends, officemates, groupmates, even acquaintances. This is why when couples plan to marry, their actual wedding expenses almost always overshoot the budget. Thankfully though, things are changing. Younger generation are more choosy on whom to invite, where to wed and where to hold their wedding reception. It's more practical.


In this photo, kids were waiting to catch some coins and candies from the hanging basket as the newly-wed couple started to open it.


jams o donnell said...

What a wonderful and joyous celebration!

Karin said...

Glad it is a happy picture. For a moment there, when I thought you wrote "public viewing" I imagined the opposite of happy.
Nice blog.
"Sa uulitin."