Too Busy For His Loans

Somebody called me up this afternoon while I was about to get to church. I did not know the guy but my mother asked me to just take the call. It turned out, the caller was the driver of a cousin. The caller has a cousin who has been looking for somebody working with our company. An insider that he hoped would help him with his delinquent housing loan and I was the likely candidate.

The call annoyed me for several reasons. One, I was late for my appointment. Two, he could have just gone to our office instead of calling to our home. After all, it’s work-related. Three, I could not understand the need of an insider to fix his loans since all he needed to do was pay his arrearages. Anyway, I tried to explain to the caller that it would be better for his cousin to personally visit our office and discuss his options to his account holder. However, the caller said that his cousin is always busy that he could not find time to get to the office. I thought to myself, “Wow! If he cannot bring himself to our office even if he already got the foreclosure notice. Then, he does not care at all if his house gets foreclosed. This call is useless.” Of course, I did not tell the caller what went through my mind. Instead, I just told him to advise his cousin to get to our office immediately so he can discuss his options.

In my line of work, it amazes me to no end whenever I encounter borrowers with this kind of mindset. They take loans without thinking if they could actually pay their amortization payments. When their creditors start running after them, that is when they start worrying but only for a while. Until, it has become too late.