Annual Physical Examination

It is time for our annual physical examination once again. As usual, we are going to have our urinalysis, fecalysis, complete blood count, chest x-ray and ECG.  After the said laboratory tests, we are scheduled for consultations with an accredited doctor.

The annual physical examination is something that I do not look forward to but it is something necessary especially now that I am getting older.  Like most people, I do not have much patience waiting at the clinic lobby for my turn to get pierced and poked upon by the medical personnel. Thankfully, the magazines available for reading and listening to the small talks made by the laboratory people somehow helped me get through the boredom of waiting.

I have always been interested in reading about the human body. Perhaps because I used to dream of becoming a doctor until financial constraints squashed that dream dead. Still, the fascination with the human body remained with me through the years, more so now after the recent death of my father due to cancer.

Here are some fascinating facts about the human body: