Jewelries To Shine

My mother like her mother before her always emphasized that women should wear jewelries even if they are not going anywhere but home. A simple stud earring or a ring band on the finger somehow enhances a woman’s beauty than nothing at all. Somehow, this has influenced our generation of cousins especially the women. Not so much on me though because I still prefer to not wear jewelries while at home but I never saw one cousin of mine who did not wear some kind of jewelry any where, any time. Old tales say that wearing jewelries not only enhances somebody’s beauty but they somehow protect the wearer from evil spirits or bad vibes.

A cousin loves Anna Kournikova’s necklaces while another likes the Williams’ sisters style of jewelry. My preference on the other hand varies all the time. Sometimes, I like antique-style jewelry and another times, I like the ones that are made of unique materials. I like gold jewelry more than silver jewelry. Intricate designs are attractive but simple designs are preferable more over clunky ones. Recently, a friend bought tungsten jewelry online and I like what he bought. I actually bought a tungsten ring years ago for another friend’s birthday and promised myself to buy a similar one for myself. It was a promise I have yet to keep.