Cannot See The Dancing With the Stars

I came home today to find my niece squinting intently on the TV screen. Not sure what she was up to, I just observed her for a while. She looked agitated and excited at the same time while muttering at the TV. From time to time, she would get busy rummaging inside her school bag and would return to the TV again pushing buttons here and there. I decided to ask her what she was up to but she said it was nothing. Until I heard her muttering to herself that she would be really happy to find her prescription glasses as she cannot watch Dancing With the Stars properly without them. I got upset with her since I was the one who bought them for her and they were expensive. She assured me though that she have been trying her best to find them. Tonight, I saw her wearing her glasses back again. She happily reported that she found them under the kitchen table while the kittens were pawing at them. Her prescription glasses now have a few scratches but other than that, they are in good condition. I warned her though that if they get lost again, I will not buy some new ones for her. She assured me that she will not lose them again as she icannot afford to miss watching the The Dancing With the Stars. Thank goodness for that.