The Value Of Education

I remember how my parents used to remind me when I was younger to finish my college education no matter what. We were very poor  but they valued education more than anything else. I did not know what they meant back then but in time and through experience, I started to see what they have been lecturing through the years. If not for their constant reminders, I would have been part of the drop-out statistics. For their constant reminders, I am forever grateful to them.

Philippines has a high literacy rate among the developing world but this rate has long been considered questionable quality-wise. Its government offered free education up until secondary level for several years now.  However, the drop-out rate increases as the level of education increases. Research studies indicate that poverty is the biggest contributory factor in the drop-out rates in education.

It came as a big surprise for me though to see that even developed countries like the USA has the same problem as ours as can be seen in the graphics below..

See Expanded ImageAccredited Online Dropout College Data
From: http://www.Accredited-Online-Colleges.org

 I guess, problems in education apply not only to developing countries but also to developed countries as well.