Where Is Tiger Woods?

Where is Tiger Woods? That's what I have been hearing and seeing on the news lately. Who cares. The guy's having troubles. So what. His alleged infidelity is making cracks in his marriage. Then, only Tiger Woods can fix that. Not the nosey paparazzi.

I am just so amazed by how there is too much attention is being given to Tiger Woods' liaisons with other women. The paparazzi is going overdrive again. Like it's the first time they've heard of a celebrity dallying with other parties aside from their spouses.

Frankly, I'd rather hear what happened about the Dubai bailout or the most recent Mayon Volcano eruption. I have an interest in the Dubai bailout because I have some friends who're working there and Dubai's economy state is greatly affecting these people. Of course, the news of the Dubai bailout is also in a way affects our economy as there are a lot of Filipino overseas workers there.

Can't these nosey people leave Tiger Woods and pursue some more meaningful news? Hope so.


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on this. They are just beating this into the ground. Who cares. Let him and his wife work out their problems. There are bigger fish to fry :)