They Are Getting Old

Tomorrow is my father’s birthday. Each time one of my parents have their birthdays nowadays, I can’t help but pray that they’ll stay healthy and that they’ll live longer. They are getting old and I worry more about their health and well-being. I realize that time with them is more precious now and I can only pray that God will always be with them.

I still want to take them to travel abroad even just in nearby Hongkong or Singapore but my mother is not having it. She is now afraid to take the plane. I used to think that my mother’s the strongest and bravest woman in the world but now she’s showing more vulnerability as she grows older. She is now more afraid to travel long distance and more apprehensive about things.

I wonder how will I be when it’s my time to reach their age. I hope I will still be active, brave and vibrant. God willing.


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother in her old age wouldn't fly anywhere. She hated going anywhere. Must come with age.

Anonymous said...

U forgot. Happy Birthday to your dad tomorrow. :)