Sta. Ana 1983 (Section:Quezon) Reunion 2009

For more than two decades, I never saw any of my high school classmates save for one or two that I would bump into in some places. This was why I had no interest in going to last year's 25th year grand homecoming reunion. But this year, the very people I haven't seen for more than two decades started appearing out from woodwork hehehehe! I could almost not believe it.

Yahoo group messages and text messages were exchanged, overseas calls burned the telephone lines, money transfers were effected (Thank you so much to Antonio) and finally, section Quezon of Sta. Ana National High School Batch 1983 had their reunion.

Class Quezon's reunion was made after the Grand Alumni Homecoming was held at our school. The day coincided with one of our classmates' birthday, Rizalina (born on Rizal day) and here's one of the videos I took.. ..

I had such a blast that I am really looking forward to another get together this coming March 2010. Two of our classmates from overseas will be coming home. The event promises to be an exciting, even more bombastic happening than what we had yesterday.

To my high school classmates, thank you so much for the fun and friendship. It was like we did not get old at all. Mga cute pa rin :)