The Quiet Of No Streetlights

It’s past midnight and all I can hear is the balut vendor honking his horn to attract customers. Aside from that, all is quiet now. I really like it.

I like it that our street has no streetlights nowadays. Kids who run around the neighborhood to play during evenings go home earlier. There are no teenagers dating in some corners. The neighborhood drunkards decided to relocate their drinking sessions to some place well lighted. The karaoke singers decided that the dark street is not a good place to croak their voices out. And last but not the least, I can now actually see the stars each time I look up to the skies. Yey!


Anonymous said...

It's always wonderful to see the stars at night. But I question the safety of not having street lights. Just my thought I must say, but it seems people can sneak around more. So just be careful :)