Is This The Start of the Fall of the Ampatuans

As I watched the TV news tonight featuring the raids made on the Ampatuans' houses, I could not help but felt relieved. Finally, the government is doing something after waiting for so long.

The seized firearms taken from the said houses are enough to supply a battalion, according to the military (source: Yahoo News) and it is just right that Maguindanao is placed under martial law by President Arroyo. The Ampatuans are being contained right now but their influence and their supporters are still strong. Malacanang may have declared the disbanding of the private armies but we all know that there are a lot of loose guns out there.

Some members of the Ampatuan family allegedly masterminded the infamous Maguindanao Massacre more than a week ago but nothing much had happened until the international community reacted against the incident. While the Ampatuans denied their participation on the massacre, witnesses have already implicated some members of the clan.

Is this the start of the fall of the Ampatuans? Let's wait and see.


...^^v... said...

sila ampatuan jud to mam no? tinood tong nabalitaan nako nga nakatawag pa daw ang asawa ni mangudadatu nga gisagpa siya atong andal? grabe oi. schoolmates bya nako tong ampatuan ug mangudadatu sa davao doc, buotan ug down to earth man tong mga babaye. ug katong lalakeng itomon didto nga mangudadatu, taga-um - aktibista pud. hay na lang.

di ba, naay nahitabo nga rambol tong una sa venue, mangudadatu ba to or ampatuan ang involve?