Me and my friends at the office have a group, we call it Happy Hearts Club. Since we were mostly singles years ago, we used to do things together..vacations, parties, shopping, travel and whatever things we fancied.

Christmas time was usually our reunion time and for years, we did just that. We exchanged christmas gifts, eat til we were all bloated and partied til dawn. But things inevitably change. Marriage, kids, change of job assignments, migration, schedules and all sorts of things prevented us to get together annually as we had planned.

Finally, after years of delaying, we’ll be having our Christmas get together this coming Friday.

Another reunion that I am looking forward to nowadays is my high school reunion. We haven't had one since we graduated. We hosted last year's grand homecoming but I was on travel when it happened and most of my classmates did not even attend. Two weeks ago, I reconnected with some of my high school classmates via Facebook and yahoo groups. We're getting updated with each other's lives and we'll be having a get-together this coming February or March, in time for the coming home of our high school valedictorian. Aside from that, I am seriously thinking of attending this year's grand homecoming which will be on the December 30th.

I am really excited for both dates. Of course, the camera will tag along.