Looking for Asus Eee PC1005HA

I am getting frustrated. I am too excited to wait but wait is what I am doing. Can't help it, anyway.

I sold my Acer laptop. It has a sentimental value to me because it's my first laptop. But, I need a lappy that is lighter. A netbook for my travels. So, I checked out the stores. A friend recommended MSI U100 netbook and I was about to buy it. With its less than 2 kilo weight and 1GB memory, I was ready to roll. Samsung N120 was the 2nd choice, but lo and behold, it is not available in my country.

Then, I saw a 2GB memory netbook, a new thingy right off the assembly line. Among 1GB netbooks, this one stands out for its 2GB and among other features. The new Asus Eee PC1005HA. I asked if it's available in blue. Oh yes, it was. I went to the store, asked the saleslady for the item, she opened her box and ooops...it's not the 2GB but the 1GB. They ran out of stock. I went down from nirvana. Now, am looking for Asus Eee PC1005HA.

If you guys know where can I get the Asus Eee PC1005HA 2GB or any 2GB netbook, please tell me.