Watch New Moon Online For Free

Watch New Moon online for free...that thought came to my mind tonight when I saw the long line of people at the cinemas to watch the second installment of the Twilight Series, New Moon. All four cinemas in the mall that I went to had long lines. In fact, all seats were already taken but people were still lining up.

I have been anticipating this day to watch Taylor Lautner, Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart reprise their respective roles once again. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who had the same thought. Anyway, I am not giving up yet. I'll try until next week. If can't watch it in movie theaters, for sure, I might try to watch New Moon online for free.

Right now, am sure that the New Moon box office sales are shooting right over the roof. Lucky werewolves and vampires!


melandria said...

I also love that. Tomorrow i will try my luck.

trendyfag said...

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free blogger templates said...

twilight so gay! there's no interesting things in that movie. It's all just love story. only girls would appreciate that movie