Pacquiao Wins A New Title

I was watching the Pacquiao vs Cotto Live Stream at the Globe Service Center just a few minutes ago. Thank goodness for Pacquiao-Cotto free online streaming, I got to watch the fight on real time and the fight is still ongoing on regular TV an hour after the fight.

We all know that Pacquiao is fast but it's always amazing to see him show that he has the speed of lightning and at different weight divisions at that. I can't help but be really impressed at him. I have to hand it to Cotto though, he stood his ground even if his face look all battered and swollen. He was knocked down on the 3rd round but eventually, they reached the 12th round with Manny Pacquiao still throwing punches like a maniac until the referee had to stop the fight. Pacquiao has now won a total of seven titles at seven different weight divisions; he is now a world record holder for that. He now holds Cotto's WBO welterweight belt.

Congrats, Manny Pacquiao!!! Mabuhay ka!! You made us proud again!


sunny said...

hahaha! krongrats pacman...we had the payperview and dang, i was really trembling and screming while watching it...hahahaha! konrts to noypi.....

Anonymous said...

If you can believe this we watched it while the UH football game was going on. It was rather dull and it was an exciting fight. I'm not into boxing but enjoyed it. Manny sure is a great boxer :)