The Pacquiaos' Thirst For Fame

Don't get me wrong in this. I am a big admirer of Manny Pacquiao, the boxer. These are just my observations.

We all know that Manny Pacquiao is a news magnet but nobody can say that his mother, Dionesia Pacquiao is not lacking some attention for herself too.

While Manny Pacquiao was busy training for his fight this weekend against Miguel Cotto , his mother was busy shooting her first film, Ang Tanging Pamilya, with costars Ai-ai delas Alas and Joseph Estrada. While Manny Pacquiao has become a major endorser of several advertisements, his mother who is fondly called Aling Dionesia has done the rounds of several TV stations for interviews and even did some dance number productions. While Manny Pacquiao is going to grace the covers of Time Magazine's November 16 issue, Dionesia Pacquiao would be busy promoting her first movie, Ang Tanging Pamilya.

Aling Dionesia was never the silent lady behind the man who is now touted as the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Long before the Pacman has become a household name internationally, his mother has always caught the attention of media because while Manny was fighting on the canvas against his opponent, some paparrazzi would be there right beside his mother while she was fervently praying her rosary in her bedroom as the fight was going on. In her interviews, she was honest as engaging in her answers to the extent that she would sometimes show off and tell the jewelries and gifts given to her by her beloved son and/or his wife.

I find it quite strange for Aling Dionesia to pursue this kind of attention because there were times that it seemed she was just being made fun of. It's a good thing that she's enjoying herself though; probably, more so now that she's already in the movies albeit with a weird make-up on.

It's not surprising then that Manny Pacquiao seems also determined to get his share of fame not only from his illustrious boxing career but also, in pursuing his political ambitions. The thirst for fame runs in the blood, after all.


witsandnuts said...

True that. I recently saw an interview of Mommy Dionisia and she was asked what would she feel and what would life be if Manny didn't get wealthy and famous. She said, "mahirap ang buhay, mahirap kame". I thought she'd say, "mahirap kame pero masaya pa rin".

the donG said...

magiging sikat din sana si nanay dionisia sa mundo. what about that? hehehe... good luck to manny.

Dave DeWall said...

I am an American recently retired to the Philippines with my wonderful Filipina wife. That said,I cannot understand the fascination with Manny's Mother,Aling Dionesia. I just don't get it. Manny is held in such high esteem back in America, and I love him. But no offense, his Mom is just riding on his coat tails. Maybe it's just because I am a kano, and don't understand. Really liked your blog. Salamat!

fortuitous faery said...

it just goes to show how fame can change even the most seemingly steadfast of personalities.

that said, i'm looking forward to the pacquiao party at our place this saturday night! :P

David B Katague said...

In general, Filipinos are hero worshipers( also Willie, WWW). They have Manny, the male hero and his mother the heroine. It is like a soap opera. Do you know that May Bukas Pa ( Santino) is also very popular here in Northern California ?. Is this soap opera worth watching? I hate it, but my wife loves it. I watch instead Desperate Housewives, Brother and Sisters, Nip/Tuck and Dancing with the Stars!