PhotoHunt#66 Technology In China

When it comes to high technology, China always gets them. One good example is the MagLev train, the fastest train in the world. The MagLev runs from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road station. The travel took us less than 8 minutes on this train when it could have been almost an hour.


MagLev train is touted to achieve the speed of 501 km per hour (source: Wikipedia). Want proof? here goes and it was still increasing while I took this pic.

MagLev train,Shanghai

And by the way, the ride was smooth. In fact, much better than the ordinary plane ride.

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upto6only said...

that is really fast.

happy weekend

Mirage said...

Wow bullet train indeed! If only there's something like that to reach Pinas from here lol.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a beauty :) I would love to ride on that :)

luna miranda said...

wow, from an hour to 8 minutes?! that's amazing! i'd love to ride in one of those.

Bull Rhino said...

It is so cool to see all the different takes on this theme. Are those all empty seats? I want to ride one.

Jerry said...

WOW! That train sure moves quickly!

Great shots for this week's theme.