God Bless Your Soul, Shaniya Davis

God bless your soul, Shaniya Davis.

I have been reading on the case of Shaniya Davis for days now. The pictures of her showed her smiling and happy like any little girl with a great future still ahead of her but the 5-year old little girl went missing in North Carolina. I was really hoping that she would be found alive but sadly, she was found dead on a forested area near a highway. The poor girl died of asphyxiation and was allegedly raped.

What is more of an aberration for me is that her mother, Antoinette Davis, was charged with trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution in relation to Shaniya Davis' death. The mother offered Shaniya to her boyfriend named Mario McNeill and then, she reported her missing a day after. What kind of mother would do that to any child especially her own daughter? What kind of human being would do that to a little child?

Let us pray for the repose of the soul of Shaniya Davis and may justice prevail as soon as possible.