Trips And Souvenirs

I had a nice surprise when a friend came by my desk this morning. She gave me an Eiffel Tower keychain and a refrigerator magnet with a picture of the Colloseum on it. She just came from her Europe trip and those two items were her souvenirs for me. It was too bad that we were quite busy with our monthly reports today that we were not able to talk much. I did not expect those souvenirs though as I know that her trip was an expensive one and souvenirs can be quite expensive if you do not know where and what to look for. This is why I felt thankful that she remembered to give me some souvenirs from her trip.

I remember our Australian trip several years ago. It was such a memorable and a dream come true trip for me but when it came to buying our souvenirs, we asked around for the best and most affordable souvenir stores before we finalized buying our souvenirs from Australia. As we usually buy souvenirs for our friends and families during our travels, we decided to just pool our money together to buy some souvenirs for our common friends. We bought some keychains for them. On the other hand, I bought two souvenir bags with aboriginal symbols on it and an Australian cap. I gave one of the bags to my mother and the other one, for my personal use. One of my friends bought t-shirts as souvenirs and the other one, bought an Australian boomerang.

I had so much fun with our Australian trip with my friends that we promised to return someday and hopefully, we can stay longer and do more sight-seeing.