Leonids Meteor Showers In The Philippines

Oh, how I wish we don't have these rains nowadays. The prolific Leonids meteor showers are going to visible for two days in the Philippines starting today, November 17 until tomorrow. If only the skies could clear up for these two days. Right now, we have overcast skies and it looks like it will stay for the entire day.

I have never seen a meteor shower in my entire life; that is why I want to see the Leonids. I shall keep hoping.


Carletta said...

I hope you see at least a few.
I'm hoping to catch it here in the US later tonight.

Jama said...

I'm hoping to catch it too, hopefully I can stay awake then. Weather is also not co-operating, overcast with intermittent rain, best time to stay in bed!

Anonymous said...

I've seen one in Hawai'i and it was spectacular. I hope your skies clear :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen four Leonids in Manila, Philippines and I am crave for more. I hope all of us have a clear skies.