Pag-IBIG IDs Are Out

Last year, Pag-IBIG Fund issued their much-awaited Pag-IBIG IDs to their members. The identification cards are officially called the Pag-IBIG transaction cards and were distributed last year. For those who have not received their transaction cards yet, it is wise to verify first with your employer/s if you have made Pag-IBIG membership payments last October 2008 as the said date is the cut-off date for getting included in the first batch of transaction card printing.

In-charge of printing of transaction cards are Pag-IBIG branches. So, if you remitted on a certain branch on October 2008, that Pag-IBIG branch should be the one that should print your transaction card and send it to the member. For those who have not received any transaction cards yet, hereunder are the following reasons why:

1. No remittance payment for October 2008.
2. Lacking information on member’s data file such as birthdate, middlename, etc.

However, if a member thinks that he was able to pay last October 2008, then the advise is to go to the nearest Pag-IBIG branch to verify the status of their transaction card. The Pag-IBIG Fund directory to check the nearest branch can be found in http://www.pagibigfund.go.ph/

The Pag-IBIG transaction card should be signed by the member (above the printed name) and should bear the member’s 1x1 ID photo on the upper right side for it to be of use for any Pag-IBIG transactions.

The succeeding batches for the printing and release of Pag-IBIG transaction cards were put on hold but there is no worry as any Pag-IBIG member can still transact using their full name.