Disliking Willie

We were inside our doctor’s clinic. We could hear muffled TV sounds as our doctor’s assistant was changing channels. Then, she stopped as we heard Willie Revillame’s raspy, excited voice urging somebody to show her stuff. Our doctor stopped talking to us, called her assistant and told her, “Please don’t make my day bad. Change channel or turn it off. I don’t like that guy.” A few moments after, I can hear a National Geographic channel announcer describing some wild animals in Africa.

Our doctor muttered under her breath, “Goodness, people are already poor. How can a crass guy get popular encouraging poor people to act silly over national TV just to earn money. There should be some TV programs that promote hard work instead of encouraging people to line up for days going hungry just to make it to this kind of program. ” “Amen.”, I said under my breath. That day, I was relieved to hear that in that doctor’s room there were two people who disliked Willie.

My father was a big fan of the guy. He would make it sure to watch Willie on his noontime show, Wowwowwee, everyday. He was so disappointed when the guy had troubles and had to stop his shows temporarily. As for me, I was relieved.

Willie may be the answer to the poor man’s dream to win big and the ultimate great endorser of any product but for me, I find him loud and cocky bordering to arrogance. Arrogance that keeps getting him into limelight and into trouble. Nowadays, he’s in the limelight again.