Overcast Skies Over Sun

Thank goodness, there are other cellular services out there. I’ve been out of connection from my Sun account since late February. It happened while I was on travel out of the country. One day I was busily connected with my family and friends back home and the next day, I was out in limbo wondering what happened to my Sun service connection. No warning bells, no text messages. Thank you, Sun!

When I got home, I checked with the Sun office. I was told I exceeded the credit limit and I needed to pay in full the outstanding balance to get reconnected. Surprised with the demand considering I’ve fully updated my account before I went on travel, I asked for the billing statement to check on the calls and texts made on my account. Surprise! Surprise! The customer representative said it was not available. The precious billing statement will be made available on my next billing period which is about 2-3 weeks away. My jaw literally dropped.

I need to pay in full the amount so I can get reconnected but they don’t have the details so I’d be paying blindly considering they don’t have the details yet. How did they come up with the amount I needed to pay when they can’t give me the details? How can they demand payment when a simple billing statement cannot be available?

Annoyed at such bad service, I decided to pay in partial and waited for the billing statement. It came two weeks before my next due date and by now, I’ve had no Sun connection for more than a month. I decided to pay in full on April 5, 2011 after checking the billing statement and expected a 24-hour reconnection like what other cellphone networks have guaranteed.

Ta-dah! It is now April 11. I am still disconnected. I have made several inquiries thru email and visits to the Sun office. The common answer was they’ll check with their system. Man, your system sucks.

If I’m not within the holding period, I’ve already cut my ties with Sun. What an inconvenience.