Looking For Judas

Let us admit it, Jesus’ life won’t be as interesting without the evil doers who made his life miserable. One prominent evil doer was Judas. The man who betrayed Jesus Christ, his friend and mentor, for a few pieces of silver.

Not surprisingly, a senakulo (Passion play based on the life and death of Jesus Christ) can be more interesting if the Judas character is really good or shall I say, bad. I remember years ago when we judged the senakulo as quite good not only for its production but also for how the Judas and Jesus Christ characters were played. I am not saying that am a fan of Judas but what am saying is that he was there so we could learn from his mistakes.

I haven’t seen a senakulo for almost a lifetime now. I used to watch it during Lenten season when I was a kid but moving here down south made watching senakulo impossible as it is not widely practiced here compared to the northern parts of the country.

I hope that I could watch a senakulo someday soon again.