It Served Her Good

A relative went to a cosmetology school before going into college years ago. She figured out that it would be hard for her to get through college without getting a job first as nobody in her family could help put her through college. She chose going into a cosmetology school because she has always been a fashionista who loves doing make-up.

Years later, what she learned from her cosmetology classes saved her from financial ruin. Not used to having so much financial freedom after getting a good job right after college, she maxed out her credit cards and had loans almost everywhere. She could not cope up with the monthly due payments and had to find another job aside from her regular job. Her cosmetology background served her in good stead as she was able to find a job as a beautician in an upscale beauty salon. Slowly, she updated her credit cards and paid out her loans.

She is approaching retirement age right now and she is planning to put up her own beauty salon using her retirement pay. Am happy to see her doing well after what she went through.

Her usual advise to youngsters who seem confused on their career choices and have some aptitude in beauty and cosmetology courses was to try it first. She always said, “Choose the good schools like the ones recognized by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and you will never go wrong.”

She is such an inspiration to me now that I am nearing the age that I should consider what should I do when I reach my retirement age. I might heed her advice and start looking for a good cosmetology school.