Ruby Tuesday#19 Emilio Aguinaldo in Barasoain

This is Emilio Aguinaldo's statue right in front of the Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan. Barasoain Church played a significant role in the Philippine history. Emilio Aguinaldo is the first president of the Philippines and made the church his residence during his term of office. For more about Barasoain Church, go here.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful my friend. Happy RT to you :) Aloha

fickleinpink said...

I've been to the Barasoain church but I never looked at the statue in that way! nice capture with the flag flying behind him!

come and visit my RubyTuesday if you have the time!

have a great day ahead!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo and the bit of history. Happy RT!

Mar said...

Interesting post and nice shot for the theme.
Happy RT, mine is here!

Loree said...

Wow, I love Ruby Tuesday. I am learning so much about different places around the world.

Rona Michelson said...

I looked back at your other Ruby Tuesday entries and they also are wonderful. Thanks for showing us your part of the world.

Meikah said...

Good entry! :) Happy RT!

My RT entry is here

Robin said...

I like coming here because I always know I'll learn something new :).

Auntie E said...

Great photo and good history sharing. Happy RT

Felisol said...

How very interesting, that the first president made this beautiful church ( yes, I did click to read more about the church) his main dwelling.
A rare gesture.
I wish the Filipinos all well, and am thinking a lot on the victims of this terrifying hurricane.
From Felisol

Arlene said...

Wow Phiippine official red! I love it! Have passed this road several times years ago when i was still residing over the next town. :)

I played RT today. :)