Halloween Is Coming!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all busy preparing for our Halloween Children's Party at the office. Now, Halloween is just around the corner again and I am curious if we will still have the same party as what we had last year. It was so much fun putting up the Halloween decorations as we were trying to win the Best Halloween Decorated Department. It was also quite amazing to see the Halloween decorations made creatively by some of my co-workers.

I had more fun though with our Halloween Children's party as the kids came with their best Halloween costumes. The party was held at our training room which was decorated with beautiful Halloween decorations. Most of the decorations were made by hand by our creative co-workers.

These were the kids in their Halloween costumes while participating in the Halloween trick or treat games:


witsandnuts said...

Arg, I should have checked and taken photos of the costumes and other paraphernalia the last time I was there. People here are thinking of the Formula One (race) on 1st of November.

Anonymous said...

What a cute post. I really enjoyed it. :)