Michael Jackson’s This Is It

If you have not yet seen Michael Jackson’s This Is It, better watch it now. You won’t get disappointed.

I went to watch Michael Jackson’s This Is It tonight and as expected, the King of Pop did not fail to amaze me. The signature moves were still there and I can’t believe that he’s already 50. Amazed and awed, that was what I felt while watching the last days of Michael Jackson practicing his moves and his songs. He kept pace with his backup dancers half his age. He ruled the stage and knew his cues. His genius is quite apparent in the movie. The more I watched, the more I felt sad that it was his last hurrah. His death is really such a big loss. I am truly grateful that this documentary, which was meant for his personal use, is being shown now. He could have given his audience a grand adventure if only This Is It had gone on as planned.