Mikey Wants to Regulate Facebook

After getting a lot of flak from a controversial picture of him posted in Facebook, Mikey Arroyo is proposing to regulate the popular social network, Facebook. I wonder how Mikey would go about regulating a site that has millions of user-members worldwide. Besides, if it is true that it was not him, why fuss? If it is true that he was in Malacañang helping the relief efforts for the Typhoon Ondoy victims at the time the controversial picture was taken, am sure a lot of witnesses would vouch for him.


Anonymous said...

I don't think he's going to get to far. But who knows. If it isn't him, why worry about it. If it is him...oh well...You think it's EGO?

...^^v... said...

natan awan nimo tong iya interview with winnie monsod?

mal-educ jud ba kay wa man lang niya giprepare iya ipangsulti, talk to my lawyer dayon.

supposedly if you own the business, kabalo jud ka sa bituka ato ug lamanloob, and there he was out of words. kaulaw.

as in gigisa jud siya ug maayo kay why siya kaincome ug ingon ato kadako...bright man unta ang inahan.