Hurting Knuckles

My knuckles still hurt; specifically, the right hand, middle finger knuckles. I stopped my boxing for almost a month and just did group exercise. I did a little of shadowbox last week and tried to get back to doing the punch mitts yesterday. But, arrrrghh..my knuckles hurt. We tried to adjust my handwrap thinking it would help and yet, they still hurt. After three rounds of punchmitt punching, I gave up. The skin looked so red after pulling all out the handwrap. The trainor said it commonly happens for the hard punchers. Right. Now, am worrying if I should go to the doctor and see what is wrong with these knuckles. Meantime, I am forced to slow down again in my boxing. Sigh! I am going to miss it.


...^^v... said...

mag yoga na lang sa ka mam with the pose. hehehe i hope ok ra na ang imo kamot kay diri, uso kau ang carpal tunnel syndrome. lisud jud pag ang isa sa gamit na part sa atong lawas magsakit.