Time For The Bucket List

The movie, The Bucket List, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made me think that indeed life is too short to be unhappy and miserable or life is just too short to let yourself chained to somebody or something that makes you sad and miserable most of the time. So, I made a promise to strive to always be happy, do good and make a bucket list for myself but somehow I got lost into the daily grind of the corporate world but recent changes in life, the death of my father and the loss of someone I truly hold dear made me face the future unpleasantly and with much wariness.

It would be easy to curl into a ball and lull myself to sleep to forget the grief and the heartbreak but reality always kick me hard back to wakefulness. One time while staring into space, the bucket list came back into my memory. Slowly, I started to write down one thing that I wanted to do on a small piece of paper and then, I wrote another and another.  Now, I have more than ten small pieces of paper gathered on small plastic rectangular box waiting to be discovered and to be enjoyed.

Just like in the movie, my bucket list would have been much more fun and life-changing if it is being shared with somebody. I would have loved to have someone go with me on my adventures from my bucket list but since I don’t have one now, I’ll just do it alone or whoever would come along interested enough to go with me.