Partner Requirement

An officemate just broke off with her boyfriend and started talking about how it was hard for her to maintain the long distance relationship with her ex-boyfriend who was a seaman. As our talk with two other lady officemates went along, we started to ask each other's partner requirement.

The one who had just broken up with her boyfriend wanted a guy who looks innocent or what we jokingly called "naive bordering to foolish looking guy", a God-fearing person, hardworking and someone that they can level with and talk to. The other lady wanted somebody who is taller than her, bald-headed, a guy who likes children and a guy that she could talk with any topic she would like to discuss. On the other hand, my partner requirement is a guy that I have the same interests like traveling, photography, movies and just being active. He should be hardworking, kind, a guy that I could talk with anything, somebody who is emotionally available and who will not and cannot take the things about us for granted.

I realized then we all wanted the same thing from a guy..somebody that we could talk with. Surprisingly, sometimes that the hardest thing that we can't find nowadays.