Litratong Pinoy#162/PhotoHunt#159 Handwritten (Sulat Kamay)


These gift cards are older than me. They were handwritten and they came from the gifts received by my parents during their wedding day. My mother was able to keep them through these years. To preserve the memory of that day better, I decided to scan these gifts cards. I wonder where are the people who gave the gifts that my parents got during that day. I am sure, some of them are gone now.

Mas matanda pa sa aking ang mga tarhetang ito. Ang mga ito'y naka-sulat kamay pa at ito'y mga tarheta ng mga regalong natanggap ng aking mga magulang noong araw ng kanilang kasal. Naitago pa kasi ng nanay ko ang mga ito at napagdesisyunan kong i-scan para naman mapreserba ang alaala ng araw na iyon. Nasaan na kaya ang mga taong pinanggalingan ng mga regalong natanggap ng mga magulang ko? Siguradong ang iba'y wala na.


Mar said...

What treasures!! great idea to scan those memories. Happy weekend.


EastCoastLife said...

Amazing your Mom has kept them for so long. Great memories.

Sue St Clair said...

What lovely memories of your parents special day :) My Mom liked to keep stuff like that too, and a lot of the people she has cards from my sister and I don't even know or remember, but we keep them anyway as a special memory.

Happy photo hunt!

Annie said...

So nice! It's wonderful that she saved them. What great memories.

ancient one said...

That is an interesting collection you have... handwritten treasures!

Suzy said...

How lovely. Very beautiful take on the theme. Thanks for sharing.