PhotoHunt#127 Silhouette

The silhouette of two of my co-photographers during our sunrise photoshoot first week of this month. We wanted to try the silhouette shot so they volunteered to be our models.

Davao City,Sta. Ana Wharf

And me, modelling too...LOL!

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Mostafa said...

I've just came to see your nice blog
Have a nice day,,
Good bye..

janine said...

wow i love it..i love your camera gear..hmmm you must really like taking picture..photography is really a fun hobby..beatiful take for this weeks theme..one of my favorite shot!

my entry is here


see you

jams o donnell said...

Excellent silhouettes! Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

splendid capture.

srp said...

And they did such a good job of it too....
Mine is here.

YTSL said...

So what time is sunrise these days where you are? Probably way too early for me to want to be awake -- however beautiful it can be! :O