Death Of A General

I got this message today a few hours after the suicide-death of beleaguered general Angelo Reyes. Apparently, he shot himself on the chest right in front the graves of his deceased parents. Here it is...

"It s much more worthy 4 us 8 mourn who died in the battlefld swimming n d dirts wyl being shot by the rebels using govt ammos and firearms rather dan those who enrich thmslvs frm govt funds n took der own lives bcoz of unbearable shame dat he/she ws 2 proud of himself dat he would rather dan 2 unveil d truth w/c will set us free frm the bondage of poverty..."

The former Secretary of Defense was the subject of Senate hearing regarding graft and corruption inside the military. Gen. Angelo Reyes was one of the generals and among others who were accused of allegedly receiving millions of money from the military budget which would've financed the needs of the soldiers.

It is saddening to hear about his death. He may have buckled under pressure from the scrutiny but if he had been a really good soldier, he could've gritted more and help shed light on the astounding millions of controversy that the military is embroiled right now.

For the remaining generals and among others who are involved in the said multi-million dollar controversy, may they be enlightened with wisdom in coming up to a right decision and may they have courage to face the consequences of what they may have or may have not done.

All these things also hold true to the powers behind the generals..the wives and the girlfriends.