Ready To Retire With His International Property

A friend working abroad has been calling me for months now. He has been asking for my help to find a residential property as his retirement home. He has been working overseas for more than a decade now and has considerably earned a lot from it. He already bought a residential property for his mother last month but he wanted to buy another one for his own use.

I am really quite proud of this friend of mine. He was already smart as a pin when we were still in high school but he went through a lot of emotional turmoil during his college days. The next thing we knew, he went missing without telling any close friends of his where he was going.

After years of not knowing where he was, he suddenly called me up as well as some of our high school classmates. It was then that we learned that he ended up working as a nurse in the United States. After several years of scrimping, he earned enough money to buy a house. He sold it a few months after. With the good profit he got from it, he started buying one international property after another but still wanted to buy a house from his own home city. Thus, his monthly calls.

He was able to buy international properties by surfing around the internet. One good source is www.TheMoveChannel.com. I just really envy him for having his overseas property as his investment for the future. I really hope someday I can get one. I can dream, can I?