PhotoHunt#85 Addiction

My parents call it addiction...travel addiction. I call it fascination. I am fascinated with traveling. The process of it-preparing for the travel papers, the bookings, learning how to get to the destination and then, meeting different people, seeing new places, learning new things and different culture; the realization that there's a lot more out there. Not just me and my world but also other people, other culture and other world. Yet, we live together in one world.


These photos were taken inside Sumaguing Cave at Sagada during my Northern Luzon travel last month. The cave was really beautiful, almost magical. I was half-scared going in the total darkness with just the gas lamp and the local guide helping us see our way but in the end, the adventure was really exhilarating. An unforgettable experience for me.


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Jama said...

I don't mind being addicted to traveling as long as I'm financially able. Better still, if someone can sponsor me! lol

Rach said...

Lack of money stopped my addiction to travelling, but I have a feeling it'll come back :-)

Greyscale Territory said...

Inside those caves is such an incredible sight! Magnificent photos! If I had the finances and opportunity, I am sure that I could be addicted to travelling! I just love seeing new places!

TorAa said...

Impressive Cave photos.
We are travel addicts as well;))

Broadens ones minds and understanding of the world.

noel said...


i like your own interpretation of addiction visiting this cave.

come and check out my addiction on my sari blog, come join if you feel inspired.


luna miranda said...

I had a great time exploring Sumaging Cave, too. were you able to explore Kulapnit Cave when you went to Caramoan?

Laura Abigail said...

Interesting shots... very beautiful! :D