PhotoHunt#83 Vertical

It took us more than half-hour of walking carefully along the Batad ricefields and then, we did another 25 minutes going down the almost vertical concrete stairs and hopping above big boulders before we reached Tappiyah Waterfalls in Batad, Banaue.


The long walk was a killer to my starting-to-get-old knees. The sweat, the rebirth of sore muscles and the excitement were all worth it though. The waterfalls with its cool gushing waters was beautiful.

When we got there, there were foreign tourists swimming near the base of the waterfalls. I almost went in too but stopped short as I didn't have any change of clothes with me.


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Anonymous said...

I wish I thought of this post. Great job.

julie said...

nice! dami mo napupuntahan sis!:)

luna miranda said...

hah, i remember my sweat and trembling knees before reaching this waterfall. and the challenge of going up.:p

Sandra said...

Nice photos for this weeks theme, I too did a waterfall! Happy weekend.

ayamlin said...

Oh, this looks like a fall in Nikko of Japan.
it's very beutiful!

Sandy said...

Oh, how beautiful..
Mine's up, too...

Scott said...

We didn't have the soreness but we still got the benefit of seeing these beautiful falls. Thanks. I like your “angle” on the vertical theme.

Sara Katt said...

What a beautiful waterfall. Perfect for the Vertical-theme! I have actually a photo of a similar waterfall that I could have used for this challenge, but I don't have it digitalised!
I'm late, but take a peek at my post, if you have the time.
Happy Sunday!
Sara Cat


Lui said...


Julie Shaw said...


Carolyn Ford said...

The beautiful reward for the work it took to get back there! Lovely!

Race said...

wow sarap naman dyan sayang di ka naka-swim! the view is breathtaking! nice to look at in this super hot season para syang halo halo sakin - thirst quencher hahaha!

how are you na sis! been a long time since my last visit!

mine's up at