Manicurist as Board Member of the Country's Top Housing Agency, Pag-IBIG Fund

Crystal Bowersox's People Get Ready seems to taunt me right now. The American Idol favorite for this season has done a great job in singing that song. I am impressed but the feeling of uneasiness brought about the stupefying news about President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's manicurist making it as one of the board members of the country's premier housing agency is really getting the upperhand right now.

How could it have happened? Why did they allow somebody in the board of one of the most important government agencies in the country with no better credentials than the lowly clerk? A lowly clerk could've been better because they know the intricate transactions of the company. I wonder what the manicurist is feeling right now. I wouldn't be so proud if I am her. I'd probably be feeling totally ashamed and would even tell Ma'm Glo this..."Ma'm, nakakahiya ka!" (Ma'm, shame on you!")

So, for the Filipino people and especially those working in the affected housing agency, get ready!! Keep your guards up and protect the interest of the members vigilantly. Don't let somebody with the initials GMA claw you down. We may never know, what will happen next.