Music Monday#16 Bayan Ko by Lea Salonga

The title of the song is Bayan Ko (My Country) which was written as protest song against American occupation before World War II. One of the most prominent Philippine patriotic songs throughout the years, it has been used in protest rallies and demonstations. It gained more popularity during the funeral of Senator Benigno Aquino and afterwards the EDSA Revolution in 1986.

Tony Awardee Lea Salonga sang this song last August 5, 2009 during the funeral service of former Philippine president Corazon C. Aquino, the widow of Senator Benigno Aquino.

credit: youtube theDivas08

English Translation:

My country the Philippines
Land of gold and flowers
With love in her palms
She offers beauty and virtue.
And of her modesty and beauty
The foreigner was attracted
O, my country, you were enslaved
Mired in hardship.
Even birds that are free to fly
Cage them and they cry,
Much more a beautiful country
Shall long to be free.
Philippines my beloved,
Cradle of my tears and poverty
I'll aspire,
To see you truly free.

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and especially for adding the lyrics in English.

She truly was a special woman and the world has suffered a great loss.

I hope you have a great week.

Happy MM,

Anonymous said...

I never heard this but it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy MM :)

Joy0z said...

Great entry Tess.

Mariuca said...

Happy MM and I hope ul have a great week ahead! :)

AbBy said...

ay oi, makahilak man pud ta ani oi...gimingaw na nuon ko sa pilipinas...huhuhuh

Ane Fallarme said...

Wow, so very patriotic of you! :)

Happy Music Monday Marites! :D

Empty Streets said...

Love this seletion :) will be downloading it for my collection in a bit hehehe :) have a great week ahead dear :) xoxo

Monica said...

Hi Marites, great pick for MM!! ;)

Maria@LSS said...

Iba talaga kumanta si Lea. She's one of my favorite singers. Happy MM!