Mobile Blogging With Smart Bro Prepaid Broadbrand

Right now, am in the bus somewhere in Bulacan. Getting bored, I decided to try Smart Bro's prepaid broadband to see if it could actually connect while am mobile. What do you know, after a few minutes, I got connected. Talk about getting connected everywhere you go. Wohooo! I won't miss my blogs much, after all even if I'm on vacation unless am in some beach because I'd be just happy to forget my blogs for awhileo.

Anyho...I was expecing some traffic along EDSA earlier today but all were smooth-sailing. I wonder where are the activities for the Ninoy Aquino Day right now. Will go get some nap now. It seems my companions are already deep in their own dreamlands right now. Cya!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful when stuff like that works. Congrats my friend. Have a great time :)

pchi said...


I have globe tattoo! but i don't have a laptop so I haven't used it yet

hehe :p

Anonymous said...

have you heard of SmartBro's new SurfTV? http://bit.ly/dgSi5R