Marcos Island Jump, Hundred Islands, Pangasinan, Philippines

yey! Finally, i got to post the video of our Marcos Island jump that I mentioned in my previous post. The file was big and I don't know how to flip it so you might watch the video with angled head :) Nevertheless, it was a fun jump but a bit scary.

We went up on the top of the island and entered a cave called Imelda cave. We went down a small flight of stairs to get nearer to the water and then, well...basically, I prayed first because for some reason even if it was such a simple jump, I was nervous. Here's the video...



Thom said...

What a great video and it looks so fun :) Well done :)

tryx said...

hey there, i got to jump thrice here. it was fun. you should have tried the more elevated area. it was a "high" for me.