Tuesday Travels#26 Xin Tian Di, Shanghai

  Xin Tian Di is located at the center of Shanghai City, China. It is considered as part of the cultural and historical site of the city and is now one of the popular tourist destinations of the city.

  Nowadays, the old buildings house commercial stores of well-known brands from all over the world. The sculptures above depicts the fortune, prosperity and longevity.



Adin B said...

That is one very beautiful place! I have never been to Shanghai. :) Thanks for sharing. Visiting via TT.

emzkie said...

thank u for bringing me to China! beautiful shots!

from TT

sir rob said...

I love your captures. Visiting for TT.

Travelholic said...

Shanghai-- reminds me of a worst airport experience there during one of my stopovers! Anyway, it was just a bad airport experience; I'm sur eit is a great place to check out in the city. Thanks for your share!

Hope you can join again for this week!